Tarot for Personal & Collective Liberation


Krystal holds a PhD in Gender Studies and is a professional tarot reader and teacher based in New Orleans. Her approach to tarot bridges the spiritual and the political, the intuitive and the intellectual, and the magickal and the mundane. Her readings and teachings utilize tarot as a tool for individual healing and collective justice. 



Krystal creates content about tarot, queerness, feminism, social justice, spirituality, and magick on Patreon. Support her on Patreon for tarot spreads and radical tarot teachings.

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Tarot Readings

Available as videos or written PDFs, readings with Krystal are healing and emboldening. She honors the particularities of your personal experiences without losing sight of the broader social context. 

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Pagan Prayer Beads

Krystal crafts Pagan prayer beads and devotional necklaces for spiritual practitioners of all stripes. She also accepts custom orders. Let's find (or create!) you a sacred tool that reflects your unique path. 

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Emboldened Clients

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