Ethics & Policies


All readings are absolutely confidential. Krystal will keep all of your private information secure.

Please note that while Krystal loves feedback and updates on readings, she cannot offer more insight or clarity on a reading for free. If you would like additional insight, you will have to purchase another reading. 

Krystal reserves the right to decline a reading at her discretion and refund payment. 

Krystal cannot refund payment for completed tarot readings that do not deliver the messages you desired or anticipated. While she strives to communicate difficult messages in an empowering and supportive way, please be certain upon purchase that you are prepared for potentially challenging or surprising content.

Krystal does not read on health or legal matters. Tarot readings are not and do not take the place of professional legal counsel, medical care, or psychological counseling.

Krystal is not primarily a predictive reader nor does she contact the deceased. She does not see the future as set in stone, nor is she a psychic or a medium. Instead, she believe we can effect real change in our lives and that everyone possesses intuitive abilities. Think of her not as a fortune teller but as an intuitive guide, spiritual coach, and spring board of inspiration.