Love Note: A 1 Card Tarot Reading for Self-Love

Love Note: A 1 Card Tarot Reading for Self-Love


This 1 card tarot reading is a short and sweet love note from my intuitive heart to yours. Your Love Note reading will spotlight just how incredibly and uniquely awesome, valuable, and important you are, as well as offer suggestions tailored to you for how to practice self-love. This affirming little Love Note would also make a perfect treat for a beloved friend or family member (just make sure they consent to a reading)! 

You will receive a downloadable PDF that includes a clear color picture of your spread, your reading of at least 100 words, and additional information about the deck, assisting stones, and other tools used during your reading. Your PDF will be delivered within 5 days of purchase. 

To ensure your reading self-love message resonates with your lived experience, you've your choice between 4 decks for this reading:
-Slutist Tarot (a brazen sex-positive deck; includes queer folxs and POCs; the perfect deck for a punchy, lusty self-love message!)

-Vintage Erotica Tarot (a soft yet cheeky deck; contains nudity and depicts only female bodies; great for people looking for a more tenderly delivered self-love message). 

-Dust II Onyx Tarot (a "melanated Tarot deck," as artist Courtney Alexander describes it; rich, spirit-centered imagery) 

-The Next World Tarot (a diverse, justice-centered deck; perfect for activists and those looking for a politicized self-love message)

Please read Ethics & Policies before purchasing. At checkout, please include the following information:
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-Any relevant information you would like me to keep in mind while reading. 

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