Trick-or-Treat: A 2 Card Halloween Reading

Trick-or-Treat: A 2 Card Halloween Reading


Book by the end of October 27th to ensure you get your reading by the 31st!

Halloween (or Samhain for the witchy among us) is a time of reverence, magic, and mischief. Trick-or-Treat is a punchy two card tarot & oracle reading designed to help you invite this season's energies into your life for spiritual and personal development. In this reading, we will illuminate the primary lesson being presented to you as you pass through this Halloween/Samhain threshold and how you can best work with the season's energies. Reach beyond the thinning veil with me and see what magic is brewing for you this Autumn. Trick-or-Treat is also a perfect (and affordable!) Halloween treat for your friends, coven mates, and family (just make sure they consent to a reading)!

You will receive a downloadable PDF that includes a clear color picture of your spread, your reading of at least 150 words, and additional information about the deck, assisting stones, and other tools used during your reading. Your PDF will be delivered within 5 days of purchase.

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(Decks pictured are Tarot of Vampyres, Halloween Oracle, Tarot of the Crone, and Flowers from the Dead Oracle. Please note that I will intuitively select decks from my collection that best speak to your needs.)

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